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Moving to Denver this August? Then there are tons of activities waiting for you to discover. Simply check out this list and figure out which one you want to head to first.

Arise Music Festival. Are outdoor activities such as yoga, camping, and dancing up your alley? Then make sure to clear your schedule on August 5; with over 100 valley acres for musicians to perform, this is one of the events in Denver you want to make sure not to miss.

Denver Beer Olympics. One of the best ways to relax and have fun after moving to Denver is to compete in the Denver Beer Olympics on August 6. Benefiting the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, use your flip cup and beer pong skills for the greater good at this event.

2016 Summer Music Festival. Running until August 7, head to the Central City Opera after moving to Denver in order to enjoy performances from The Impresario and Later the Same Evening. This is one of the few events in Denver that allows you to experience classical music for $10 or less.

Tequila, Taco & Cerveza Fest. If you don’t have plans on August 21, then we have the perfect plan for you. If you are looking for events in Denver with some Mexican flair, then head to the Tequila, Taco, & Cerveza Fest. Once here, plan on enjoying all the Mexican-style beer, tequila, and tacos your heart desires. Ole!

One of the best parts about living in Denver is getting to be able to take advantage of the healthy lifestyle that most of the locals have adopted. Whether it is exploring the 100 miles of trails and parks that cover more than 20,000 acres of space, or simply going for a run in your new neighborhood, there’s a reason why Denver is named one of the fittest cities in the nation.

Make sure you don’t miss out on the fresh air and abundance of healthy activities with this guide on where to exercise in Denver – for free.

Red Rocks. At 6,400 feet above sea level, this makes it more of a workout challenge to begin with. Hike the trails surrounding the amphitheater or run up and down the 380 steps in front of the main stage – regardless, the views will prove to be some of the most breathtaking that you see after moving to Denver.

Civic Center MOVES. A popular way to exercise in Denver, this fitness series runs April 25th until October 6th. They have morning, lunchtime, and evening options, so you have plenty of time to hit up all of these free sessions. After moving to Denver, all you have to do is show up ready to work out!

Cherry Creek Reservoir. While there are plenty of parks in Colorado, this one has over 4,200 acres of a natural oasis, which also includes a Cherry Creek Reservoir. After visiting this park, you will wish that you had been living in Denver for much longer!

Just because you have been dealing with moving to Denver does not mean that you have to spend the rest of the summer indoors. Instead, get outside and explore all that your new hometown has to offer; after all, you’ve earned a beer (or two).

Simply use this guide to the best rooftop bars in Denver and we promise the rest of your summer will be a blast.

Whisky Tango Foxtrot. This place is more than just a fun name; it is a local legend, with tons of big screen TVs so you can watch every major game in style. Plus, this is one of the only rooftop bars in Denver that has creative comfort food such as seared tuna tacos and buffalo cauliflower. Delicious!

Jax Fish House & Oyster Bar. Who knew that rooftop bars in Denver offered such a fantastic sunset view over the mountains? You can order the entire menu from the rooftop, making this the perfect place to head to after moving to Denver.

Fire Terrace at the Art Hotel. Did you finally finish moving to Denver, only to realize that you don’t have nearly enough decorations as you thought that you did. Luckily, there is a solution to your problems: Fire Terrace at the Art Hotel. With a curated collection of local art, you can come to this rooftop bar in order

When you think about moving to Denver, chances are you are thinking about which picture you will Instagram first. After all, with such scenic views, who could blame you?

However, little did you know that there are tons of apps for living in Denver out there that you had never even heard of. Before you go spending all your time trying to decide what Instagram filter to pick, check out this guide to the best apps for living in Denver.

Go Denver. If you need help finding out where you are going, then this is one of the best apps for living in Denver. Plan your route using this app, and it will make finding your way around after moving to Denver that much easier.

OrderUp. Looking for the best food delivery in the area? Then look no further than OrderUp. This app allows you to track your order, and has a large selection for you to choose from. Trust us, this app will make finding out where to eat after moving to Denver a much easier process.

B-cycle Now. One of the best parts about moving to Denver is the fact that you get to take advantage of how green the city is. Use B-cycle Now to locate the nearest B-cycle stations, find out about bike availability, and navigate the city’s 87 stations and 700 bikes in town.

After having your dad help you with the logistics of moving to Denver and with help from the local movers at All My Sons unpacking and organizing your new home, spend time with your dad by taking him to one of the following Denver attractions.

Take a trip to the zoo: The Denver Zoo is the 4th most popular zoo in the nation. With animals from all over the globe, you are bound to find an animal that both you and dad love. Whether you are going to the Amur tiger habitat or riding the Pioneer Train, the zoo is perfect for you to spend time with your dad after moving to Denver.

Check out Coors Field: Coors Field is where you can see the Colorado Rockies play some baseball, hit some home runs, and maybe win the game! While there, be sure to check out the team store and maybe get you and your dad a Rockies hat or T-shirt. America’s favorite sport is the perfect outing to spend time with your dad.

Head over to Dick’s Sporting Goods Park: Local Denver movers recommend that you go see the Colorado Rapids play some major league, fast paced soccer! Not only can you go see professional soccer being played, but you can also catch a game of the Denver Sevens Rugby team; so no matter what your sport of choice may be, you are bound to have a good time with your dad at Dick’s Sporting Goods Park.

For some Outlaws: Check out the increasingly popular Denver Outlaws at Sports Authority Field at Mile High. The Denver Outlaws are Denver’s Major League Lacrosse team. At Sports Authority Field you will also find a variety of events to go to like sports and concert events.

Moving to a new city can be costly, and once you move, you may be on a tight budget. Once your full-service Denver mover have gotten you settled into your new home in Denver, All My Sons Moving & Storage has a couple of recommendations for things to do in Denver on a limited budget.

Learn How to Make Money: Take a visit to the U.S. Mint Tour Facility, which produces 50 million coins a day. Each coin is stamped with a small ‘D’ for Denver and there are free tours that take you on a journey of the process of turning metal into a shiny, U.S. mint coin!


Garden of the Gods: A national natural landmark, the Garden of the Gods showcases towering sandstone rock formations. The breathtaking view is one of the top things to do in Denver on a tight budget and is the most visited attraction in the region. Admission into the Park and Visitor Center is free, so take advantage and learn how the red rocks got to be there with a short movie presented every 20 minutes and new interactive features.


Weather Fan: If you want to see a hailstone the size of a softball or watch a tornado be created in front of you, visit the National Center for Atmospheric Research. Open to the public seven days a week and with free admission, it is one of the coolest things to do in Denver on a tight budget.


For a History trip: Denver movers suggest going on the Colorado State Capitol Tour. Visit the magnificent, gold dome Colorado Capitol Building where you can see Allen True’s beautiful murals, admire the breathtaking architecture, and more. Free Tours are available 10a.m-3p.m, Monday through Friday.


All My Sons Moving & Storage suggests you take advantage of these and other free opportunities to visit and explore Denver!

In every city, there is a variety of local production going on; whether it is food, local goods or art, there is always something to explore. Once your full-service Denver movers help move you to the Mile High City, here are some local breweries and tea venues to visit.


Coors Brewery: “Taste the Rockies” company is the perfect place to go visit after moving to Denver whether you are a beer lover or not. Learn about the traditional brewing method in the Rocky Mountains, which Coors is known for. Coors Brewery is one of the top local breweries to visit after moving to Denver and you can even tour through the malting, brewing, and packaging process. Guests 21 years and older with a valid ID may also sample Coors products.


For Tea Lovers: Discover the famous Celestial Seasonings tea factory, where you can learn all about how tea is blended, packaged and shipped. Enjoy the Tea Shop or the Celestial Café for a delightful breakfast or lunch after moving to Denver. No reservations are required for individuals, but if you are planning on going with a larger group of friends be sure to call and make a reservation.


Great Divide Brewery Company: This Denver brewery is located in downtown Denver and offers tours where visitors can learn about the behind-the-scenes beer brewing process. You will also be able to enjoy the 16 taps of seasonal and year-round brews that Great Divide Brewery has to offer.

All My Sons Moving & Storage suggests going to visit local breweries and tea venues after moving to Denver is order to meet some new people, learn some history of their production in the city, and sample some awesome local products.

After a long journey, the best thing to do is check out some local restaurants and enjoy the local cuisine! Especially after unpacking and organizing your new home, you have probably built up an appetite and are ready for something worthwhile. When you move to a new city, sometimes the best way to get to know the area is to try some of the great places to eat in Denver. So relax, and let your local Denver moving company guide you through some of the hot spots!

  1. Guard and Grace Restaurant: For local taste and products, this is one of the most perfect places to eat in Denver! Denver movers recommend this American style steakhouse that is known for serving locally produced meats, cheeses and produce. It keeps the Denver flavor authentic and brings the local products to your table.
  1. Table for 6: For a twist on American classics and its great location on Capitol Hill, Table for 6 has become a popular restaurant to visit for those moving to Denver for work and looking for the perfect dining experience with coworkers after a long day. Your professional movers at All My Sons Moving & Storage suggest trying one of these places to eat in Denver. Table for 6 for all those comfort foods you enjoy, from sloppy joes to tater tots!
  1. Rioja: For a taste of Mediterranean food with a twist, visit Rioja. Not only is Rioja known for their fresh ingredients, but also for their house-made doughnuts. Locals, as well as out of town visitors rave about them!
  1. Eucilid Hall: For the beer lover moving to Denver, Eucilid Hall should be at the top of your list of places to check out. Known as Denver’s best restaurant for food and beer pairings, Eucilid Hall is the place to go and can accomplish any beer lover’s dream. Besides loving beer, if you are also adventurous, try the pad Thai pig ears that are rumored to be to die for!

Traveling to major cities has become difficult for most people in the past two months. Long lines at T.S.A. checkpoints are said to be the cause, and clips are being uploaded to YouTube that show shocking lines at the Atlanta Airport, Chicago International, and Dallas-Fort Worth. Summer travelers in Denver are calling their local Denver moving companies in order to get to their summer homes. Unfortunately, this is causing a bottleneck affect at airport terminals.

Most summer travelers in Denver plan trips in the warmer months because the city is known for its winter sports, which attracts a lot of tourists and winter sports enthusiasts. Some will use local Denver moving companies to settle in Denver forever, but there is a large majority that migrate to Denver just for the winter season. Officials are warning summer travelers in Denver to get to airports at least three hours early.

The slowdown at T.S.A. security checkpoints is linked to employee cuts the administration recently made. Denver officials are saying that the number of summer travelers in Denver will be record breaking this year. Combine those two facts and you have a recipe for disaster.

T.S.A. officials say they are aware of the issue and are attempting to solve the problem. Last week American Airlines paid $4 million to the T.S.A. to hire more employees.

If you are looking for a more convenient and reliable mode to travel from Denver, and you want to move, call one of the best local Denver moving companies: All My Sons Moving & Storage! We are getting people there with no lines or waits at all!

Denver now holds two impressive ranks! Of all the cities in the U.S.; already named the #1 city in personal health. Denver has just been named one of the top fittest cities in America. Denver movers at All My Sons Moving & Storage are happy to be a part of a city that considers health such an important part of life.

Denver has always attracted the outdoorsy types; after all, with tons of rocking climbing, hiking, and mountain biking trails, it’s no wonder why Denver was named one of the top fittest cities in America. And while the rest are hibernating through cold winters, we are thriving by snowboarding, skiing, and sledding.

In Denver the health conscious mindset starts early in life. When you are a kid you aren’t afraid to get out there and explore the great outdoors that are just a few miles away. Denver is sporty too; it’s one of the only cities to have all four major sports franchises in one city (baseball, football, basketball, and hockey). Then in winter we are at it again; even Denver movers work around the clock in rain, sleet, or snow!

In terms of weather, Denver is one of the sunniest and greenest cities in America. We are so high up in the clouds that physical activity is actually harder, meaning that we get more out of every mile we run than most other cities. No wonder Denver is one of the fittest cities in America!

National averages report that nearly 80% of locals in Denver say they have had a tough workout in the past month. If you want to see some fit people, call your local Denver movers next time you’re moving and we’ll show you that Denver fitness!