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Why Choose a Moving & Packing Company

Are you making a move to, from or in Denver? All My Sons Moving & Storage of Denver is here to tell you why you should choose a moving and packing company to ease your stress.


No matter how much free time you have, packing and moving can be overwhelming and take up so much of your time. Hiring a moving and packing company will allow you to establish a set schedule from start to finish, that will have your belongings packed before you know it. What might take you a couple of days to do, a Denver moving company can do in a few hours. The packing services offered by our full service moving company will allow you to spend time with your family or at work, rather than on packing.


Are you nervous to pack those awkward pieces of furniture or piano that you have? The experienced movers at All My Sons are professionally trained in the best and proper techniques to handle those types of items and will ensure that your belongings are packed and transported safely.

Proper Equipment

Moving companies have the proper equipment to handle all of your belongings. Also, since all included in your packing services is the assembly and disassembly of furniture, our Denver moving company has all the tools necessary to assemble and disassemble your furniture. When you hire professional packers, you can guarantee they’ll arrive with straps, dollies, and everything else in between to safely move your belongings. Allowing a moving company to do the heavy lifting can also save you or your family from potential injury. The last thing you want to do when you are moved into your new place is ice your back, so hire a Denver moving company today!

2 Ways to Speed Up Your Packing Process

All My Sons Moving & Storage is a Denver moving company that is here to make your move to, from, or within Denver much more pleasant. Our Denver moving company is a full service moving company that has served this community for over four generations. Whether or not you hire Denver movers to help with your move, here are two ways to speed up your packing process!

Start Early

Do not wait until the last minute to start packing! You will regret it and you will have an unnecessary headache. If you like to write things down, you should create a timeline. Being able to visualize your packing process will help keep you on track to get you ready for moving day. Starting to pack early will ultimately end up saving you time because you can take the time to figure out what items you don’t want to take to your new place. By doing this, you will have less items to pack and less clutter to take into your new home.

Stay Organized

By creating a systematic process, you can greatly speed up the packing process. Denver movers suggest that you should start organizing and packing boxes by room. Going room by room will also help speed up your unpacking process at your new place. While you are going room by room, do not forget to label. We recommend you label everything! This will help keep you on top of every item that you have, so that if you need to find something quickly, you can do it with ease. If you want to stay even more organized, make a separate list in a notebook of each box and its contents.

What should you pack in your car?

These are the items that you should most definitely pack in your car. By packing these items in your car, you can ensure you know where they are throughout the whole moving process. It is always best to keep the most valuable and important items with you, rather than in the moving truck.

Photo Albums

Even if you have every photo from every photo album, saved on your computer, you still want to keep the real photos and albums safe. To avoid any damage to these important photos, your local Denver movers at All My Sons Moving & Storage suggest you pack these photo albums in a box and stick them in the front seat of your car for safe-keeping.

Perishable Food

You should keep perishable food with you to avoid any messes during your move. Avoid the mess of cleaning up any spilled food by packing your perishable items in Ziploc bags and air-tight containers, then put them in your car.

Important Documents

These documents may include: passports, social security cards, birth certificates, etc. To avoid any loss to these items, pack them in a folder and keep them close to you.

Tool Kit

You might be thinking, why a tool kit? Well, when you get to your new house you are going to need the necessary tools to start the unpacking process. Having a tool kit already set aside will help you avoid the headache of searching through boxes for that one screwdriver.

What should you pack in your moving truck?

When you hire All My Sons Denver moving company, you can trust your items in our moving trucks.


Your furniture should be disassembled as much as possible because some furniture pieces can take up a ton of space. By loading the furniture into the truck in smaller pieces, you can maximize the space in the truck allowing for more belongings. To make things easier, our Denver moving company offers packing services that include the disassembly and reassembly of furniture.


Televisions, stereo systems, printers, game consoles and others should be packed on your moving truck. They should be packed safely and securely before being put on the moving truck. Denver movers have the proper packing products and packing techniques to properly handle your electronics.

3 Tips to Pack Your Office for a Local Move

All My Sons Moving & Storage in Denver is a full service moving company with many years of experience in the industry. Our Denver moving company has given you three tips to pack your office for a local move.

  1. Pack Office Décor

Office décor is the stuff that you can start packing early on in the moving process. Use this time to consider your new office space and decide what décor you can take or leave. Once you decide what is coming with you, it is important to pack these items correctly. You can pack any framed artwork with packing paper and bubble wrap. The packing paper will prevent any impressions on the glass and the bubble wrap will help protect the glass. Then, you should pack the artwork in a box designed for artwork or mirrors.


  1. Sort Through Filing Cabinets

When going through filing cabinets you should start by sorting these items into three categories: keep, shred, and recycle. Unnecessary and/or outdated paperwork can be recycled. However, if any of these documents contain confidential information, they should be shredded. Whatever remaining documents you have should be sorted and organized. It might be helpful to organize these documents in whatever system you plan to continue at your new office location. Files are best kept in a file box during a move. Make sure to use a box that is small enough to keep documents from moving around during the move.


  1. Hire Office Movers for Office Equipment

Hiring Denver movers will help ensure the safety of your employees and the office equipment. Computers, printers and copy machines are usually the most expensive and valuable items in your office. A Denver moving company will use the proper techniques to properly disconnect, pack and transport your office equipment safely.

Once you’ve decided to move, and closed on the perfect home, it’s time to start thinking about who is going to pack all your household belongings. If you’re like most people you’ve probably got plenty of things to do as it is – with work, school, and family matters, who has time to pack? This is when our Denver moving and packing company steps in to save the day.


All My Sons Moving & Storage has over four generations in the moving industry. When you choose to let our professional packing service take over during your move, you are putting your items in the hands of highly trusted professionals. Professional movers are trained to handle your move and ensure the best outcome.


A quality moving company will have you packed and moved so efficiently because of their strategic process in handling a move. The professionals will have your whole move scheduled out, including every detail in between – so you don’t have to stress about the small things.


If you choose to pack yourself and do not pack correctly, you run the risk of damaging your valuables. Your belongings are less likely to be damaged if you put them in the hands of skilled professionals at our Denver moving and packing company. Our movers are trained in proven techniques to ensure the safety of your belongings.

Good Service

More than anything else, our customer service is unmatched. All My Sons has a commitment to excellent customer service and making sure your move to the Denver area is more pleasant than you could ever have imagined.


Denver movers at All My Sons Moving & Storage find it no surprise that so many people are looking to move to this great city. Denver is rich in culture, entertainment, and outdoor activities. More people are moving to Denver every summer to be immersed in the culture, Rocky Mountains, shopping, and activities that this city must offer.


If you are looking for the place that offers work and play downtown, look no further than “LoDo” or Lower Downtown Denver. You can be a part of the 50,000 fans cheering on the Colorado Rockies at the Coors Field. This stadium is steps away from all of the sports bars, nightclubs and restaurants. Downtown offers so many restaurants found on Larimer and Blake Streets. Union Station also offers some of the best eats in LoDo.


When you think of Colorado, you probably think that it’s all snow all the time. However, Denver is known for getting over 300 days of sunshine a year! Denver enjoys more sunshine than any other city, so prepare to enjoy your days under the warm sun.

Outdoor Recreation

Denver is home to the Cherry Creek Bike Path. This path is a 42-mile route that begins in Downtown Denver and continues through many suburbs. You can ride alongside a river and take in all the beauty that Colorado has to offer- this is a bike rider’s heaven. If you don’t like to go bike riding, these recreational trails allow for walking, running, fishing, bird-watching and horseback riding. There is something for everyone to do here.

Ready to hop on board and move to the greatest city in the US? Call your Denton movers today for a free moving quote.

Denver movers at All My Sons Moving & Storage aim to make any move as stress free as possible on everyone involved – even your pets. So, if you’re worried about moving with your furry friend, follow this basic guide, and learn the best ways to pack for a pet so you can ensure their comfort and safety during transition.

Before the move, you should take your pet to the vet and make sure that your pet has updated records. Then, make copies of the updated records and keep them accessible when traveling to your new house.

When you actually start the packing process, you should leave your pet’s blankets, toys, bed, food and water out until the day of the move. This makes sure the pet stays in their natural state for as long as possible. It’s a good idea to put the pet’s traveling crate in the same room as them prior to the move, so they become accustomed to it in time. This hopefully will put their nerves at ease.

If you are moving with a cat, make sure you leave the litter box out and keep it easily accessible in the car. It is important for a cat to use the same restroom they usually do. When moving with a dog, bring a leash and collar so you can walk your dog periodically throughout the move from one home to another.

Just as packing and moving is stressful on you, it can be just as stressful on your pets. If you follow these tips from your trusted Denver moving company, your furry family member will be at ease during the moving process!

All My Sons Denver Moving Company has been in the full service moving industry for four generations. We know those who are moving worry about the expenses that can add up. That’s why we provide moving plans that suit your personal budget, as well as endless tips to increase efficiency and save money.

Want to know you can save on packing supplies? Check out these suggestions from your professional Denton movers.

Used Boxes

You should reach out to your local grocery, liquor, and furniture store for used boxes. These stores are receiving shipments with heavy contents all the time. The items also must be packed correctly especially at liquor stores because most liquor, wine and beer come in glass bottles, so liquor stores will usually have the best protective packing materials too.

Use Household Items

If you’re in need of bubble wrap, packing paper, and packing peanuts, you can easily purchase these items from All My Sons. However, if you’re trying to save a few dollars, try using clothing and linens to wrap fragile items. Aside from just wrapping fragile items, you can use clothing and linen as fillers to fill any empty space in boxes. You can do the same with pillows and stuffed animals!

Left Over Supplies

People move all the time. Ask your family and friends if they have any leftover supplies. Most people who move just want to get rid of any packing supplies, so they will definitely be willing to give you their supplies. You should also check out Craigslist under the “Free Section” and you’ll find people that are looking to just get rid of things that you could make great use out of. All you have to do is arrange a pickup time!

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There comes a time when homes become cluttered, junk stacks on top of junk and you just want to make room to breathe. It’s times like this when you just need to say, “OK! I’m having a garage sale!” Once you’ve resolved yourself to getting rid of excess belongings, you’re ready to take on the next step in clearing up your home. Our team of Denver Movers and Packers at All My Sons Moving & Storage have compiled a systematic guide to show you how to prepare for a garage Sale.


  1. Group Together Items You Wish To Sell


The first step to prepare for a garage sale is to determine what items are going to be sold. Gather anything and everything you don’t want and group them into categories. Set your desired price for each item and figure out the minimum amount of money you wish to sell it for in case someone wants to haggle.


  1. Get Essential Items For Hosting the Sale


In order to prepare for a yard sale, it’s important to make sure that everything is organized and presented well. For this you’ll need tables, clothes hangers, chairs, packaging tape, scissors, plastic bags and signs. It also helps to have a cashbox, paper, and pen handy to track purchases.


  1. Prep Items That Are Going To Be Sold


To ensure that your items sell for maximum value, take some time to give them a facelift. Polish wooden objects, wipe the dust off any glass and make repairs to any broken items. One fatal flaw that our Denver Movers and Packers see is people inviting potential customers to purchase less than desirable looking products.


  1. Spread The Word


Make sure that the neighborhood is aware of your yard sale. Put up signs about 2 weeks in advance to attract more people. Posting ads online and on social channels also helps. Give potential customers an adequate amount of time to make themselves available for the yard sale.



Moving from one place to another is a task that can take its toll on an individual both physically and mentally. The entire process is always long and drawn out, regardless of how many items you’re bringing to the new location. When moving from one city to another, the transition becomes even more of a challenge. There’s a certain adjustment to make when trying to determine the best way to navigate the roads and where to go for food and other essential items. However, after the difficult part is over, everyone wants to enjoy themselves and take advantage of the best the city has to offer. This list provides a sample size of Denver Hot Spots and our Denver Movers strongly urge you to try them all:


  1. Ophelia’s Electric Soapbox

This hip hop, jazz, blues and funk club exudes style and character. Formerly a brothel, the venue continues with the them is known as one of the hottest places to party in Denver.


  1. Bar Standard

Bar Standard is a house, dance, Latin and electronic club with a great rooftop lounge. This 21 and over club offers a chic, yet hipster vibe with its atmosphere and makes for a great place to go dancing.


  1. Herman’s Hideaway

Herman’s is a popular hangout for University of Denver students and is Denver’s longest running live music venue. Since 1962, this venue has hosted more than 25,000 bands in the genres of rock, reggae, heavy metal, hip-hop, blues and funk. This is easily one of the more popular and standout locations out of Denver’s hot spots.


  1. Beta

Voted the 2013 best dance club in America by Rolling Stones as well as our Denver Movers, Beta is widely considered one of the best dance clubs in the nation. For the best experience in electronic, house and dubstep, Beta dance club is the place to be.