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6 Ways to Trim Moving Costs

It’s summer time and you are looking to finally make the big move, but you are afraid it might burn a hole in your pocket to do so. Naturally, you’ll look for the cheapest Denver movers, but that can only save you so much. All My Sons, a Denver moving company, has a few tips to trim your moving costs.

Unload: Start by getting some weight off your shoulders by having a garage sale to make a few extra bucks. Other options you can try are donating to charity, recycling or just throwing away.

Time it Right: Moving in the middle of the month will save you the most money because movers are generally busiest during the beginning and the end of the month due to leases being turned over.

Save on Boxes: Make sure to hold onto any boxes you get in the mail and start your packing earlier. If not, buy used or recycled boxes and pack whatever you are capable of yourself to decrease the time movers will have to spend packing. Also, you can typically sell the boxes back to the company you bought them from and recoup some of the costs of initial purchase.

Catch a Tax Break: If you happen to be moving to Denver because of a job change, then you may be able to deduct moving expenses like transportation, storage costs for household goods and travel and lodging expenses. Check the IRS guidelines to see if you qualify.

Price it Out: Your best bet is to contact a handful of moving companies to get comparable prices for each in-home estimate. A good question All My Sons recommends asking is “What are items I can or should pack myself?”


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