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A New Theater Program for Students in Denver

What is theater without lighting, design, and costumes? Well, it’s still theater. At least that’s the thought process for those who are a part of the Denver Center for the Performing Arts. If you have an avid theater lover in your household and are moving to Denver, then you will be happy to know that this past month, the DCPA launched a new theater program that brings the actors to your school.

It’s called Shakespeare in the Parking lot. A pilot education program that brings six actors and minimal costumes and props to area schools. No crew or sets, just a short performance that will wow students on how they accomplished it. The team visits 10 schools this fall and 10 more in the spring. This 45 minute version of Romeo and Juliet will be showcased outside the schools for over 100 students to see. The actors do up to 8 shows over two days at each school.

Allison Watrous, DCPA’s director of education says, “One of the things theater can bring to the classroom is conversation, collaboration, and critical thinking,” The first test run took part in the Weld Central High School where students finally understood the lyrical text, “All the worlds a stage”.

Denver movers are excited that the program has come to their school and look forward to either being a part of the action or being a part of the audience. Either way, the program is set to encourage all students to shine and allow for a more theatrical experience.

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