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Denver’s Annual Running of the Gorillas

Once the beer fanatics and zombies leave town…in comes the gorillas!

The Annual Gorilla Run will take place Sunday, November 2nd and features more than 3,000 people in gorilla suits running a 5K in order to raise awareness and funding to benefit the mountain gorillas of Uganda and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Moving to Denver and don’t have a gorilla suit? No problem! For $99 you can enter the race AND get a gorilla suit in your size.

Although Denver already holds the spot in the Guinness World Record for a gorilla run, the 2014 race aims to set the number even higher so grab your friends and family members, suit up, and run to save the gorillas!

Participants are also encouraged to dress up their gorilla so suit their style, so add a wig, clothing, be old, or be young, but make your gorilla fun!

After the race there will be the annual block party, complete with food trucks, beverages, and entertainment.

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