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Colorado Governor under Fire

Colorado governor, John Hickenlooper, has had better weeks – 90 of the 100 lawmakers signed a letter stating that they do not trust his decision making skills anymore, regarding his management over the human services department. In order to gain back the confidence of the people, they have suggested overhauling staff members in higher positions, immediately.

The department under fire deals with areas of the Colorado community; such as: child welfare, mental institutions, and youth prisons. Specifically, the main concern is regarding an uncomfortable working atmosphere fueled by self-preservation and the desire to protect to himself – instead of the people included in the human services department.

Described as a “pervasive hostile work environment,” the letter states that, “most recently, these accounts have increased dramatically, now coming directly from our constituents, some having reached the public media outlets, with no word from the department or your office.”

The letter came as a surprise to the Colorado governor to say the least, as he expressed that this was the first time he was hearing about these complaints. Although he and his staff stated that the concerns were never brought up during weekly government meetings, the letter contradicts this claim; lawmakers stated that any request for a meeting was either ignored or not honored.

However, executive director, Reggie Bicha, has released a statement reassuring the lawmakers and general public, “please know I take all concerns seriously. I have worked my entire life to make the lives of families and children better – a goal I know is also motivating those who signed this letter.”

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