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Colorado Homeowners Have Limited Time to File Claims against Builders

In a bold move by the Colorado State Senate, a bill was passed reducing the amount of time that homeowners have to take legal action against defective work done by home builders. Senate Bill 91 barely passed, with an 18-17 vote; but it has passed, and it reduces the amount of time homeowners can act against faulty work. Reducing the limit from six to five years.

The bill was initially proposed in order to counteract the effects of Colorado’s construction-defects statutes, which has ended up severely slowing down construction of condominiums within the area. With Senate Bill 91, issues such as faulty foundations, leaky windows, and cracked walls all can be filed in a claim against the builder within a five year time frame. However, if there is an inadequacy found in the home within the fifth year, then the owners of the home are allowed an additional year to file.

Despite the fact that the bill may not seem like a major change, there are many homeowners that find issues with the clauses of the bill.

According to Senator Matt Jones, “this is about regular Coloradans being able to live in a mistake-free house. This makes it harder for regular people to fix their homes, and that’s just not right.” The people who plan on packing and moving to Colorado somewhere in the near future are unfortunately the ones who will be most affected.

On the other hand, while Senator Ray Scott still finds issues with the bill, his main concern is regarding the builders. He states that, “builders are being put under pressure to resolve problems that are not necessarily problems of their doing.”

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