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Colorado Opens Bone Broth Bar

Moving to Denver and worried about the cold? No worries, because soup is taking over popular cities and warming residents up for winter. Bone broth has come to Boulder, premiering this week at Fresh Thymes Eatery, just in time for National Soup Month.

“It’s considered a therapeutic beverage,” said Christine Ruch, chef-owner of Fresh Thymes.

According to clinical nutritionist Kaayla T. Daniel, “Made of chicken or beef bones, usually simmered for days, bone broth has a high collagen content, which helps support the bones, skin and cartilage.”

Kobe Bryant also recently announced his love of bone broth, saying that it has become a major part of his regular diet.

Since bone broth is growing in popularity, and it is warm, Colorado residents are devouring the delectable soup at Thymes Eatery, and warming up during this cold winter.

Fresh Thymes Eatery of Boulder serves three kinds of broth: beef flavored with ginger and garlic, chicken flavored with turmeric, and vegetarian with roasted mushrooms. The delicious soups are served in glass mason jars and you can even bring your soup to the condiments bar to add things like: cilantro, parsley, jalapeno, scallions, lime, and dried sriracha.

If you love soup and are a business connoisseur, you should consider opening a soup store of your own, since Coloradans love trying new food trends, appreciate the healing properties of soup, and of course, enjoy anything that makes them feel warm during the very cold winter. Other popular places to get soup in the state are: Humboldt Farm, Fish & Wine, ViewHouse, and Zoup! Fresh Soup Co.

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