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Colorado State Regulators vs. King Moving & Storage

King Moving & Storage, also known as Neighbors Moving & Storage and Father & Son Movers is under fire in Denver.

According to an article published by ABC 7News Denver, the Public Utilities Commission (PUC) received eight complaints against the moving company last year, which is more than any other moving company in the area. This moving season alone, King Moving & Storage has racked up $16,940 in fines.

Chief of Transportation for PUC, Ron Jack, told the Denver news outlet that PUC does have more authority this year than ever before, in order to shut down movers that don’t pay their fines; however, they are still limited when the moving company is actually paying their fines.

“If those violations occurred again, we can double the fines and then triple the fines,” Jack said.

Although it seems as if King Moving & Storage has been trying to be better, many are skeptical.

According to ABC 7NEWS Denver, “The company’s current CFO served federal time for drug charges, and was just released earlier this year. The company’s new owner, Henry Aragon, was ordered to pay the State of Colorado $275,000 last year. The Colorado Attorney General said he was running ‘magazine-sales telemarketing companies’ that “deceived and defrauded consumers” across the nation.” With such corrupt individuals running the company, Denver residents who have suffered a loss of thousands of dollars during their move – would like to see the company shut down, and so would reputable Denver movers.

Tammy Van Boening was one of those residents, and she explained how all of her moving boxes were wet and damaged, with most of her belongings completely destroyed. She said King Moving & Storage stored her belongings for two weeks, during which time the company allowed her stuff to be rained on, ruining everything. Another resident, Josh Zygielbaum, had his belongings held hostage until he paid more money. Even CALL 7 Investigators were misled during a hidden camera investigation on the corrupt moving company – who tried charging them an 18% “state moving tax” that does not actually exist in Colorado. When CALL7 Investigators refused to pay the tax, King Moving & Storage drove off and kept their belongings hostage.

All My Sons Moving & Storage Denver wants anyone who is moving in or out of the Denver area to be aware of moving fraud, fraudulent moving companies and practices, and do your research when it comes to hiring a professional moving company. Don’t fall victim to moving hostage, hire a legitimate moving company that comes highly recommended within the city – like All My Sons.

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