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Colorado Unemployment dips to 4%

If you are moving to Denver in 2015, you will be happy to know that unemployment in the entire state of Colorado had the biggest drop in 2014, in comparison to every state in the U.S.

Denver movers want you to feel confident that when moving to Denver, you will be able to find a job. Dropping from 6.2 percent to 4 percent by the end of the year, the Colorado workplace added 62,300 jobs, boosting payrolls by 2.6 percent.

In December alone, the state added 4,700 jobs, according to the Colorado Department of Labor and Employment.

But even those are not the best rates in the state. The unemployment rate in metro Denver was 3.8 percent, and 3.9 percent in Greeley where the northeastern Colorado oil patch is located.

Broomfield economist Gary Horvath explained that 60 percent of last year’s job growth was in construction, health care, food services, retail trade, and professional and technical services. He also said that the price of oil during 2014 had an impact on jobs and that the price of oil will have, “an effect on the rate of job growth in 2015. However, at a statewide level, most of these sectors will show steady growth.”

If you are moving to Denver, rejoice in the fact that the city and entire state is seeing the largest amount of job growth since the state’s 2001 recession, adding roughly 3 million jobs in 2014, the most since 1999.

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