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Community Living Alternatives Expands in Denver

A local Denver program that offers services to those with disabilities, just received the go-ahead to expand its center. The nonprofit organization, Community Living Alternatives, offers residential as well as single day program options to those in their care.

They focus on helping those with intellectual and developmental disabilities. As of now, they currently have 14 clients that they help on a daily basis. Until recently, all of their services took place at their administrative offices and not an actual facility. This not only limited how many clients they could accept, but also the variety and types of programs that they could offer.

Now that they have expanded their center to a completely new building, their programs are running much more smoothly. Executive director of Community Living Alternatives, Barbara Kenyon-Mohrlang, reminisces that the previous room they were confined to was “about 13 feet wide by maybe 30 feet and we literally had it split up so that there was a computer lab and then the everything-else room. Now it’s a little more organized and in a classroom-type setting so the various activities are more organized and defined.”

The expansion finally was able to come to fruition after over two years of fundraising and careful planning when it came to finding the perfect center. And Community Living Alternatives could not be more pleased – the new building has a new full kitchen, dining area, computer lab, music room, sensory room and a large backyard. So far, the center has plans to create a vegetable garden for the Denver community and an outdoor yoga area – just in time for summer!

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