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Denver Aims to Provide More Affordable Housing

From every corner of the city, Denver seems to be growing to accommodate the continued growth and popularity of the area. New construction is necessary not only to keep up with the growing population, but also to shift and tailor to the demographics of the area. Currently, there are countless families who struggle with finding affordable housing in the Denver area and outlying suburbs.

The market is certainly not affordable for many, as current data shows nearly 50 percent of Colorado renters pay more than 30 percent of their incomes towards housing. The Broomfield movers have found that the situation for financial strain doesn’t stop at real estate—it has subsequent effects on education, nutrition, health insurance and transportation.

The goal by Habitat for Humanity and other community driven Denver groups is that be enabling more affordable housing, kids can perform better in school as a result of waking up in a safe and clean environment. Health can also be boosted as children are urged to spend time outside in their neighborhoods playing and interacting with others.

In addition to building new homes, there is a need to financially aid families in repairing their existing homes. Both of these areas need to be addressed on a larger scale in Denver, and thanks to groups like Habitat Metro Denver, they are getting the attention they need to improve.

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