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Denver Area That Offers the Most Farmers’ Markets

While some people love dining at restaurants, it seems there is an increasing amount of people interested in cooking at home and knowing exactly what is going into the food they are eating. Because of this interest, farmers’ markets have become a growing trend throughout the nation, and Denver is certainly no stranger to them. Some areas have more convenient markets than others, so let’s take a look at the national areas that have the most farmers’ markets located nearby. Moving to Denver and want to be close to fresh eating? We’ve got your place.

So what area is the most conducive to farmers’ market shopping within Denver? According to the study conducted by Redfin, that area would be North Capitol Hill. Their neighborhood ranks No. 3 on a list of the top 10 best neighborhoods across the U.S. to cook and dine at home. The criteria used to determine the best areas were neighborhoods based off the percentage of for-sale homes listed on their website that were:

– Within two miles of a grocery store;
– Within two miles of a farmer’s market; and
– Contained either a gourmet kitchen, large dining room, vegetable garden or chicken coop.

Redfin defines North Capitol Hill as the uptown Denver neighborhood north of Colfax Avenue, sandwiched between Broadway and Downing Streets up to East 26th Avenue (ZIP code 80205). It was chosen largely for its proximity to Mo’Betta Green MarketPlace, and it has access to international grocery options and a large percentage of homes in the area have gourmet kitchens and large dining rooms.

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