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Denver Home that Inspired a Horror Film

If you are moving to Denver this October, local movers suggest steering clear from moving into this Cheeseman Park Residence, as it is home to a ghostly tale. The 1980 film, The Changeling, was based on paranormal events that occurred in a Denver home in the late 1960s. If you are looking for a great film to watch with your family that will really get them in the spirit of Halloween, then check out this film. Better yet, take a visit to the home and find out just how spooky it is.

Russell Hunter had worked as a musical arranger for CBS-TV in New York City, but moved to Denver in the mid-1960s to help his parents manage the Three Birches Lodge in Boulder. In the late 1960s, Hunter began looking for an apartment in Denver where he could live and work on his music. He rented a home at 1739 East 13th Avenue.

He claimed that beginning on February 9, 1969, he started to experience strange phenomena in the house. Hunter would hear unbelievably loud banging and crashing every morning at 6 a.m. that would stop as soon as he hit the floor. Faucets would turn on by themselves and doors would open and close on their own. Walls often vibrated violently, tossing paintings to the floor.

One day, Hunter discovered a hidden staircase in the back of a closet. The stairway led to the third floor of the home where Hunter found a child’s trunk containing a nine-year-old’s schoolbooks and journal from a century ago. The journal uncovered secrets of a young disabled boy who was isolated from the world. The boy wrote about his favorite toy, a red rubber ball. A few nights after discovering the trunk, a red rubber ball dropped from the top of a spiral staircase in the home.

Sounds spooky right? Denver movers suggest that you check out the film for yourself after moving to Denver. It is a great way to spend your Halloween as you finish unpacking from your move, and maybe brush up on some spooky local history.

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