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Denver is a Luxury Housing Market in 2016

2015 marked the busiest year for Denver home builders since 2007. Although that means a lot for local Denver movers who are constantly in demand just as much as Denver homes are, the numbers work out to more luxury homes being constructed and sold than middle-income family homes.

Over 9,000 homes were constructed in metro Denver last year, but only seven percent were priced below $300,000. And, even though 9,000 homes may sound like a lot and be the largest number that the city has seen in almost a decade, it is still below half of what was constructed in 2005. In 2005, when the housing market was more decent, Denver home builders built 20,000 new homes.

Regardless of the numbers, the luxury housing market in Denver is doing very well and is expected to continue to do well, perhaps exponentially. Local Denver moving companies and home builders welcome the growth, as it is a sign that the region is growing and growing fast.

If you are currently house hunting in Denver or will be this year, the majority of homes that are newly constructed range from $400,000 to $500,000, which is relatively pricey after you take into consideration government fees, labor, and lots increasing in price. However, since the area is in such high demand and ranked as a top city to live in, the prices correlate with demand.

After you check out the luxury housing market in Denver, get with a local Denver mover to make your transition to the metro area simple and stress-free.

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