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Denver is America’s Best Beer Town

Beer lovers who have been looking at moving to Portland should second guess their decision. Moving to Denver may actually tickle your beer fancy more than the Oregon capital.

First, Denver movers took a look at all of the cities that claim to be the best beer city in the United States: San Diego, Asheville, Brooklyn, Chicago, and of course, Portland.

CNN’s Joel Williams reported earlier this month that the “Mile High City trumps them all.” He also said that although his opinion is not definite, he can back it by many facts and statistics…and the facts don’t lie!

According to Williams, Denver locals are crazy for beer! The American Homebrewers Association reported that there are over 100,000 homebrewers in the state of Colorado, making residents arguably incredibly knowledgeable about craft beer, as well as validating their status as craft beer lovers. Denver movers know that when you love beer so much you even brew it in your own home, you have to realize that you live in the best beer city in the United States.

More facts presented by Williams:

  • Over 100 breweries have opened in the state of Colorado since 2011.
  • Over 48 breweries are located in downtown Denver, which is more than enough to keep you trying a new brew every weekend after moving to Denver.
  • Coors brewing facility is located just outside of Denver and is the largest in America.
  • There are local contests where you can win free beer for an entire year.

Denver movers and Williams are not exactly saying that Denver is America’s Best Beer Town, but facts are facts and they speak for themselves. One thing is for sure – Denver residents sure do love their craft beer!

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