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Denver is the City for Millennials

There is a hefty handful of millennials in Denver. They are professionals, startup founders, and hardworking innovators. Millennial week kicked off in Denver on August 18th this year to celebrate everything millennial. All My Sons Moving & Storage have millennials working for us and others utilizing our services and moving to Denver. We’re taking this as an opportunity to celebrate this generation with a shout out!

Millennials week recognized all the hard working millennials in Denver and the companies that they work for. Almost 200 awards were given out and a night of fun was celebrated by all. Some of the awards given were:

Best Company for Millennial Employees

Most Innovative Workplace

Innovator of the Year

Tech Startup of the Year

Denver Trailblazer

Denver Changemaker

If you’re thinking of moving to our great city, it’s safe to say that there are plenty of millennials in Denver. The appeal that the city has on millennials can be tied to the progressive nature, the rising tech boom, and the outdoor/healthy active lifestyle that is so important to so many of the millennials in Denver.

Millennial week doesn’t just end here. In September, the festival will move to Seattle and then it’s on to Washington D.C.

Millennial week celebrates all of those born between 1980 and 1995, and aims to promote the recognition of this fantastic generation.

The professionals at All My Sons Moving & Storage are proud to be a part of a state that recognizes all of the up and coming professionals the great city of Denver!

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