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Denver Males Rank as Most Handsome in the U.S.

Moving to Denver has never been more attractive – literally. A new study from, ranked Denver as the fifth city in the entire United States with attractive men.

Grooming Lounge based their study off of the amount of grooming products that men across the United States purchase. They also looked at aspects such as fitness and the amount of money that men spend on clothing. Their ideology: if a man spends more on grooming, fitness, and clothes, then they care about their appearance, thus, looking good!

According to Grooming Lounge, men in Denver spend roughly $3,000 on personal care each year. But wait, it gets even better!

Denver was ranked as being the fourth fittest city in the nation! If you are moving to Denver, you better buy some workout clothes, start eating clean and going green! The entire state of Colorado is big on green initiatives and healthy eating and living, so being one of the fittest cities in the nation should not be too surprising, at least the locals already know that they are looking swell!

According to Grooming Lounge, the city on the very top of the chart is Seattle, Washington.

If you are single and looking to move, local Denver movers would love to take care of your move. Make a lifestyle change by moving to Denver.

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