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Denvers Board of Education Approves New Schools

The transition from middle school to high school can be difficult for any child, and when you express to your kids that you will be moving to Denver, the transition to a new school can be much harder for them. As scary as it may seem, it is great to know that Denver public schools are improving their educational programs and adding more schools to alleviate the issue of overcrowded schools in the district.

The board of Denver Public Schools approved two new schools on Thursday, and approved a middle school closure for the southwest Denver area. Many students and members of the community joined activists and protesters previously to the decision, to voice their concerns about the new middle school that will be moving into Abraham Lincoln High School. Denver movers and local residents were concerned that this already overcrowded school would become even more crowded with the new addition.

The district, in an effort to reform the lowest performing schools in the southwest, issued a request for new programs to go into the area earlier this year. The two programs the board approved at its meeting Thursday were ones that the district asked principals to design as district-run programs. The DPS will now consider both new schools and two charter schools that do not currently have a building, in a separate process next month to assign locations for the schools. All this in an effort to not overcrowd schools and to implement new district-run programs.

Denver movers are pleased with the outcome. The transition to both new schools will be an easy one, and if your child has any concerns about their new move to Denver and their new school, assure them that Denver has a great public school district and making new friends will be an exciting time in their lives!

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