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Denver Focuses on Childhood Obesity in September

Good news for Denver movers and children in Colorado as the nation focuses on National Childhood Obesity Awareness month in September. In Denver, where one in four children are overweight, one focus is on physical activity. Moving to Denver can have an emotional strain on children and they may tend to overeat. All My Sons in Denver wants parents to look out for signs of over-eating and be knowledgeable about obesity.
The Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment says obesity rates increased dramatically from the 1970’s through the 90’s, but have leveled off in recent years. Denver still remains a one in four obesity rate amongst children. Cate Townley with the CDPH says, “By carrying this extra weight now, it puts them at more of a risk for developing diseases later in life,” she says. “And could also create quite a bit more expense in terms of health care costs as well.”
Denver movers can breathe easy knowing that those health conditions can be prevented and the Mile High City is taking action to make sure that the children of Denver are taking the right steps. Experts recommend kids exercise at least one hour a day, eat more fruits and vegetables, cut back on screen time and sugar-sweetened beverages, and get at least nine hours of sleep.
Parents can also get involved with the Colorado Health Foundation Healthy Places, which is a program that brings communities together to design more active environments. This program is recommended for low-income children who are at a higher risk of obesity. Townley states, “It is harder for low-income kids, because often they have a lack of access to healthy foods and affordable foods in their neighborhoods,” she says. “And there’s less opportunities for safe physical activity in their neighborhoods as well.”
Denver movers are extremely proud of what the city is doing to reduce obesity, including an increase in school gardens where kids learn how to grow and eat healthy foods. Just one of the many exciting reasons your kids will love moving to Denver and for parents, Colorado continues to be one of the healthiest adult populations in the nation!

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