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Denver Movers Suggest What to Pack for the Car Versus the Moving Truck

What should you pack in your car?

These are the items that you should most definitely pack in your car. By packing these items in your car, you can ensure you know where they are throughout the whole moving process. It is always best to keep the most valuable and important items with you, rather than in the moving truck.

Photo Albums

Even if you have every photo from every photo album, saved on your computer, you still want to keep the real photos and albums safe. To avoid any damage to these important photos, your local Denver movers at All My Sons Moving & Storage suggest you pack these photo albums in a box and stick them in the front seat of your car for safe-keeping.

Perishable Food

You should keep perishable food with you to avoid any messes during your move. Avoid the mess of cleaning up any spilled food by packing your perishable items in Ziploc bags and air-tight containers, then put them in your car.

Important Documents

These documents may include: passports, social security cards, birth certificates, etc. To avoid any loss to these items, pack them in a folder and keep them close to you.

Tool Kit

You might be thinking, why a tool kit? Well, when you get to your new house you are going to need the necessary tools to start the unpacking process. Having a tool kit already set aside will help you avoid the headache of searching through boxes for that one screwdriver.

What should you pack in your moving truck?

When you hire All My Sons Denver moving company, you can trust your items in our moving trucks.


Your furniture should be disassembled as much as possible because some furniture pieces can take up a ton of space. By loading the furniture into the truck in smaller pieces, you can maximize the space in the truck allowing for more belongings. To make things easier, our Denver moving company offers packing services that include the disassembly and reassembly of furniture.


Televisions, stereo systems, printers, game consoles and others should be packed on your moving truck. They should be packed safely and securely before being put on the moving truck. Denver movers have the proper packing products and packing techniques to properly handle your electronics.

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