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Denver Named Among Hottest Cities for Startups

Recently, an article was shared on Silicon India that named the 8 most popular destinations to launch your startup company. According to the article, which cites Forbes magazine as the resource for its findings, the cities are ranked on their technological advancements, including social media activity.

The number one place was San Diego, California, and Denver was close behind. Denver is rated as the second best place to set up small business according to Forbes for various reasons. With its low cost of living, determined Mayors like Michael Hancock and Governors like Hickenlooper who want to improve and create high quality of life and environment that will foster innovation, Denver is rightly ranked as the second best place for a startup. Denver also has some very big startup companies like TrackVia, Photobucket, SendGrid, Cloudzilla, Chipotle Mexican Grill, ReadyTalk and many more.

Moving to Denver has proven tricky for many as the job market has been so steady that residents rarely wish to leave. This might be the only real hurdle you would face in launching your startup in the Denver metro. Other popular cities for startups? Austin, Seattle, Portland, San Francisco, Dallas and Boston. Thinking of launching your startup and not sure where to go? Researching each of these areas and seeing if one is right for you might be a great place to start.

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