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Denver Named One of the Top Fittest Cities in America

Denver now holds two impressive ranks! Of all the cities in the U.S.; already named the #1 city in personal health. Denver has just been named one of the top fittest cities in America. Denver movers at All My Sons Moving & Storage are happy to be a part of a city that considers health such an important part of life.

Denver has always attracted the outdoorsy types; after all, with tons of rocking climbing, hiking, and mountain biking trails, it’s no wonder why Denver was named one of the top fittest cities in America. And while the rest are hibernating through cold winters, we are thriving by snowboarding, skiing, and sledding.

In Denver the health conscious mindset starts early in life. When you are a kid you aren’t afraid to get out there and explore the great outdoors that are just a few miles away. Denver is sporty too; it’s one of the only cities to have all four major sports franchises in one city (baseball, football, basketball, and hockey). Then in winter we are at it again; even Denver movers work around the clock in rain, sleet, or snow!

In terms of weather, Denver is one of the sunniest and greenest cities in America. We are so high up in the clouds that physical activity is actually harder, meaning that we get more out of every mile we run than most other cities. No wonder Denver is one of the fittest cities in America!

National averages report that nearly 80% of locals in Denver say they have had a tough workout in the past month. If you want to see some fit people, call your local Denver movers next time you’re moving and we’ll show you that Denver fitness!

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