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Denver Parking Apps

We’ve all been there – you see someone walking in a packed parking lot and immediately tail them in the hopes of finally hunting down a parking spot upon their departure. Luckily, the days of hopelessly driving around for hours playing Russian Roulette in a full parking lot are over; a revolutionary new app is about to make finding parking for the Colorado Rockies’ home opener a whole lot easier.

Another perk for those who have just moved to Denver – multiple parking apps that have recently been introduced to the Denver community, are revolutionizing the way that people find parking. The apps allow drivers to see exactly what spots are available throughout numerous amount of parking spaces in the Denver area. Tons of locals are now getting closer spots than they ever thought possible.

According to Casey Jones, former board member of the International Parking Institute, “there’s really a revolution going on in the parking industry right now, and it starts with the fundamental change in attitude and orientation. We’re in a service industry, and it hasn’t always been looked at that way.”

Apps such as Parking Panda and SpotHero manage over 50 garages combined, while the app CurbStand focuses on finding, paying and tipping valet services within the area.

Jones further attests that, “with the proliferation of smartphones and mobile information that really opened the door for the parking industry to respond to customer needs.” One thing is for certain, with investors putting in $76 million towards parking technologies in 2014 alone, the industry only will continue to keep growing.

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