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Denver Parks Are Expanding with 198 More Acres

Are you moving to Denver? If you and your family love the great outdoors and are relocating to the area, you will be thrilled to hear that Denver parks are expanding with 198 more acres! Denver movers report that an announcement was made in the city to open a large-scale nature reserve, which will increase hiking, skiing, and recreational trails and sports for the entire city of Denver.

Denver Parks and Recreation announced the opening of the 198-acre expansion of land that is meant to provide refuge for wildlife and act as a nature spot for residents and tourists. For locals, this is yet another spot to get in touch with nature and enjoy the great outdoors. New residents who are moving to Denver will now be able to enjoy so much more in terms of the great outdoors and scenery that the nature preserve will add to the city.

Denver parks have been historically some of the most beautiful in the world with the breathtaking views from the Rocky Mountains. Colorado is filled with great American nature and has attracted numerous new residents from tourism, so the park expansion will definitely benefit the area even more.

The new Denver park will be named First Creek, and the idea is that it will preserve land and wildlife for the city.

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