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Denver Police Go Above & Beyond the Call of Duty

In an annual awards ceremony on behalf of the Denver police Foundation this past Thursday, seven Denver police officers were honored for their vital role in stopping a car chase and their unwavering courage they demonstrated throughout the whole event. One police officer in particular, Sgt. Robert Motyka, did not stop trying to stop the suspect – despite being shot through his car’s windshield. For his act of courage, he received the Denver Police Department’s Medal of Honor.

Motyka describes his thoughts upon realizing that a bullet had just gone through his windshield as, “I could feel all of these little pricks, a shower of glass, all over my face. Then I felt this burning, searing pain in my left shoulder.”

The incident that the officers had to take on has been described as, “the most dangerous rolling gun battle” in the entire police department’s history. The moment the brave officers realized that the two suspects were taking shots at nearby middle school students, they immediately jumped into action.

Cpl. Damon Bowser, who initially spotted the incident taking place, described his initial thoughts as, “I felt that terror of a shark being in the water and bumping up against you. It takes a minute to register – They’re shooting at us.”

Needless to say, parents of the students who were put in the line of danger, are extremely thankful that the officers were able to protect their children in their time of need. For residents who have just moved to Denver, they can rest easy knowing that their safety is in good hands.

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