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Denver Woman Brings Awareness to Epilepsy

Epilepsy is a central nervous system disorder in which the nerve cell activity in the brain gets disturbed, causing an individual to seizure. These seizures can occur in many different ways and have variations of symptoms, such as: abnormal behavior, loss of consciousness, staring blankly, or twitching.

In order to be diagnosed with epilepsy, you would have to have at least two unprovoked seizures during your life.

23-year-old Kelley Sperry of Johnstown, Colorado is bringing awareness to the condition that she faces every day: epilepsy.

“I have a rare disease. That’s what caused my epilepsy,” Sperry said. “It wastes away half my face. I’ve had six reconstructive surgeries.”

In order to educate the public on her condition, Sperry wears a sweatshirt that reads, “I’m not drunk or high. I have epilepsy.”

Sperry got tired of being followed by security guards in retail stores so she has been dedicating an entire year to raising awareness in the local community, one store at a time.

If you are moving to Denver and you or a loved one has been diagnosed with epilepsy, join Sperry in educating the Colorado community on the rare condition by visiting the Epilepsy Foundation of Colorado website.

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