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Denver’s Real Estate Market Tightening Up

The real estate market in Denver is hot, hot, hot–and it doesn’t show any signs of slowing down. According to a recent segment on CBS4 Denver news, there is no shortage of bidding wars but there is a shortage of inventory. Other scenarios have seen homeowners becoming “accidental landlords,” leasing out property that they choose not to live in but still making an income rather than selling before the market strengthened. The Littleton movers have found that underwater homes have turned to rental action to keep mortgage payments afloat, while a dwindling amount of available properties have but a strain on the available homes for interested buyers while stifling existing homeowners looking to move.

Homes hitting the market in Denver are selling the same day in some cases, and prospective buyers are putting out want ads for the types of homes that they are looking to buy, in case any homeowners who are on the fence about selling need assurance that someone out there is looking for what they’ve got to offer. Historically, the inventory in Denver is at the lowest volume it’s been in 28 years.

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