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Denver’s Solar Community Investment

According to a report by The Denver Post, “Denver-based solar power firm SunShare is looking at brighter prospects with a big financial boost from utility powerhouse NRG Energy.”

There are big things on the horizon for Colorado, and if you are moving to Denver, local moving companies want you to know that Denver residents are all about innovation and “the next big thing”. As a new resident, you can expect to find the most popular foods, the most popular grocery and retail stores, and the most popular innovative technologies and initiatives. One thing that Colorado loves to invest in is the future, and the future of energy and solar power.

SunShare is looking to grow to eight times larger than their current position with this deal that is on the table with NRG Energy.

“Solar gardens, also known as community solar, give businesses, nonprofit groups and residents the opportunity to participate in solar generation projects without building their own systems. SunShare’s deal with NRG entails development of four solar gardens in metro Denver and one in Colorado Springs. Collectively, the 100 acres of solar panels will generate 10 megawatts of electricity, enough to power 1,600 homes.”

Denver, and more widely, Colorado residents, can look forward to a bright, sustainable future in The Centennial State.

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