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Don’t Frack Denver

Don’t Frack Denver is an alliance comprised of conservationists and neighborhood activists who are calling upon the city’s mayor and City Council to block fracking in the city and river valleys.

Just yesterday, the alliance called for leaders to impose an immediate moratorium on fracking in Denver, since the fracking wells are being “sunk into an area where Denver draws nearly 40 percent of its drinking water supply,” says Sam Schabacker, the regional director of Food & Water Watch.

So where does the concern come from? It is widely known that fracking, also known as hydraulic fracturing, can cause harmful chemicals to dump into local tap water. This happens during the process of hydraulic fracturing, where high pressured water, sand, and chemicals are pumped underground to return oil and gas. No matter how many times the fracking industry says that this method is safe, it proves not to be, contaminating water and killing farm life wherever it goes, and causing cancer and birth defects.

The concerned members of Don’t Frack Denver are pleading with city officials to not frack and contaminate Denver drinking water, and more importantly, preserve Colorado’s beauty. If you have recently moved to Denver, local movers want you to be aware of the issue and make your stance to preserve your new hometown.

The activists have been unsuccessful in Denver’s surrounding cities, such as Aurora, and that is why they are calling on Denver to refrain from fracking. Even though the plans are not even on the table for Denver to start fracking, Don’t Frack Denver and affiliates of Food & Water Watch want to make sure that they are heard and do not want the fracking to reach Denver’s South Park.

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