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Fast Moving Traffic Prompts Local Larimer Cty Residents to Take Matters into Own Hands

What do you do when drivers just don’t seem to get the hint that reckless driving is not appreciated in your neighborhood? Do you hire professional movers to relocate to a safer neighborhood? Or do you take matters into your own hands? Well, if you are a resident of Larimer County, you may simply join in a neighborhood effort to construct and maintain man-made speed bumps to combat the issue. That is what several residents living along Raw-Hide Flats Road settled on, and for years their six speed bumps which they made with dirt managed to control the speeding issue which mounted-speed-limit signs as well as home-made “slow down” signs failed to accomplish previously. Your Denver movers don’t suggest going the route of the aforementioned residents as local law enforcement has recently gotten involved which has proven less than favorable for all involved.

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