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Flushable Bathroom Wipes not so Flushable

If you have recently bought a home and are moving to Denver, be careful what you flush down your toilet.

Residents all throughout Denver and cities across the nation are facing clogged drains and cannot seem to figure out why.

Aurora resident Frances Quitana’s toilet clogged, so he called a plumber. When the plumber came, he snaked the drain and it was fixed. The next day it happened again, but this time the water would not stop overflowing and his basement flooded. Quintana, baffled, went door to door asking his neighbors if they were also having plumbing issues…and they were.

Aurora Water investigated the issue and found out that the new trend of using flushable bathroom wipes, much like baby wipes but for adults, is what is causing the nationwide plumbing problem. Ever since the form of adult baby wipes have become increasingly popular, more and more people are also flushing their baby wipes and disinfecting cleaner wipes.

However, the majority of these materials are not meant to be flushed, causing homeowners and government entities millions of dollars to fix clogged pipes and pumps.

In Portland, Maine, grocery stores have posted signs in the aisle warning customers not to flush the products, and even print an additional warning at the bottom of receipts.

Kirk Skogen is the wastewater operations superintendent for Aurora Water and he states that although a lot of the wipes’ brands market the product as “flushable” or disintegrating much like that of regular toilet paper, they do not.

With wipes sales reaching $7 billion annually, $600 million of that is from the new trend of “flushable bathroom wipes”; however, they are proving to not be so flushable.

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