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Furniture Row NASCAR Garage in Denver Shares its Secrets

Furniture Row NASCAR garage is home to Furniture Row Racing operation, the only NASCAR team garage west of the Mississippi, and the home to Denver’s NASCAR racing team. This month, the famous garage finally gave away some of its secrets, and Denver moving companies want to share some of them with you!

Secret #1: Drivers typically take 2 cars with them to a race, but for Daytona 500…they take 4! Each car is marked with their garage placement slot tag, under the hood, so that when they arrive at the race, they can be placed in their spots properly.

Secret #2: Ever see the dashboard of a racecar when getting an in-the-car view of the track while watching the race on television? Ever wonder what all of those dials and buttons are? Secret #2 reveals that most of the switches on the dash control fans to cool down the driver, the tires, and the brakes.

Secret #3: It takes roughly 14 cars per year, for a NASCAR team to function. In order to make sure they are to standards: the teams receive a car template from NASCAR…much like a cookie cutter.

Secret #4: Perhaps one of the greatest secrets of all…mostly everything that you see on the car is fake! Yep, those tail lights are fake and that exhaust pipe does not exist. They are all decals.

If you are a die-hard NASCAR fan and are moving to Denver, be sure to check out Furniture Row Racing garage any Thursday at 2 p.m. for a tour!

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