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Get the Skinny on Colorado’s Best Kept Secret-Denver to Durango!

Thanksgiving came and went, but the extra pounds we gained over this Thanksgiving holiday stayed with us. The average person gains about a pound over the Thanksgiving holiday, but those who are already overweight tend to gain even more. One study found that overweight people gain five pounds or more during the holidays. Your Denver Moving Professionals want to inform you of another option besides dragging yourself to the gym each morning. Denver to Durango, a free 486 mile trail, is open to hikers, horse riders, and bicyclists. On the trail you will experience waterfalls, mountains and wildlife. Stop running on a treadmill that is headed nowhere; take time away for yourself or for your family and go to the Denver to Durango Trail, the view alone will make it worth your while. Who knows, maybe you will shed those thanksgiving pounds off along the way!

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