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Having nice things is… well… nice! When you have nice things, you tend to have a desire to keep them nice. Unfortunately things don’t always go as planned. One nice and rather expensive household item is the LCD television that you have mounted in your living room. Sadly, the screen has recently been scratched which makes it hard to look your TV in the face. This condition just about defeats the purpose of owning a nice television, so you must get this fixed as soon as possible! Many LCD televisions come with a warranty which may very well cover your little eyesore completely. However; if you are not able to submit your TV for a free fix, there are other solutions!

For a minor scratch on your television screen, you can drastically minimize the appearance of the damage with a microfiber cloth and some petroleum jelly. Apply a small amount of petroleum jelly to the cloth, and lightly rub into the scratch. The jelly won’t damage your screen any further; it will simply fill it in so that you can watch your TV without the scratch distraction. Remember: To prevent damage to your LCD TV in the future –or any other prized possessions for that matter- always hire professional movers in Denver when the time comes to relocate! Your professional mover in Denver handles precious delicates such as your LCD TV on a daily basis and knows how to properly transport all of your nicest belongings with care!

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