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Holiday Baking at a High Altitude

A major holiday tradition that many partake in is baking! Baking holiday cookies, pies, and cakes is an activity that has been bringing families together every year. If you are visiting or moving to Denver this year, take the time to read on about how holiday baking at a high altitude can affect your most trusty recipes. Learn how to battle the altitude as All My Sons Moving & Storage offers some tips to work around this obstacle.

Cookies. Baking cookies at a high altitude could result in your cookies becoming too spread out or too dry. You can remedy your cookies spreading by using a little less sugar, and increase oven temperature while decreasing baking time. If your cookies are coming out too dry, try to add an extra egg yolk to your batter.

Cakes. Holiday baking at a high altitude can affect your cakes as well. Altitude can cause cakes to sink in the middle. Experiment with decreasing your amounts of baking soda and increasing the oven heat while decreasing the baking time. Use less sugar if your cakes are becoming too dry.

Pie. Pie dough can become too dry when holiday baking at a high altitude. Add an extra tablespoon or two of ice water to ensure that your pie dough is easy to roll out and tastes delicious.

After moving to Denver, you will have to experiment with your recipes to get them perfected. Practice your holiday baking at a high altitude ahead of time. This will ensure that your holiday treats are as delicious as ever at your next seasonal event.

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