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How to Pack Your Kitchen in 4 Hours

Packing up your kitchen is a challenge. From utensils to plates and glassware, to pots and pans, etc. there are just so many odds and ends to get organized. Figuring out how to pack your kitchen can be overwhelming. If you’ve waited until the last minute to get your kitchen packed, not to worry. Our team of expert packers and movers at All My Sons Moving & Storage are here to help with our best kitchen moving hacks.


  1. Don’t take out your silverware

Instead of wasting valuable time taking your silverware and kitchen utensils out of their organizers, take some plastic wrap and secure them inside. If you wrap it tight enough, your silverware will be safe and secure throughout your move and you can move on to other projects.


  1. Don’t pack your dishtowels and cloth napkins separately

Use your dishtowels, cloth napkins, tablecloths, etc. to fill your boxes of plates and glassware. These items will serve as filler, so your valuables don’t bump up against each other and you will avoid having to waste space packing them in another box.


  1. Use rubber bands to organize your pots and pans

No longer worry about fitting your pots and lids together or losing a set in the chaos. Wrap a rubber band around the set to keep them together during your move.


  1. Use your brown bags and six pack beer containers to organize and pack

Those 6 pack containers or twelve pack boxes with built in separators are perfect for packing wine glasses, olive oil bottles, tumblers, vases, etc. Brown paper bags can double as individual wrappings for your glasses and cups to keep them secure.


If you follow our kitchen moving hacks and stay organized, you will have your kitchen packed in a flash!

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