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How to Reuse Moving Supplies After a Move

You’ve done it. Finally completed that long, dreaded move with your Denver moving company. All the preparation, the packing, the up, the downs, and here we are, all unpacked with a bunch of moving supplies that you have no idea what to do with. Well your answer is here. Keep reading for fun ideas of what you can do to reuse moving supplies.


All those cardboard boxes and nowhere to put them. Our first suggestion is to look at your garden. Is it full of weeds? Cut the boxes into long strips and place them on highly weeded areas. Now cover the boxes with mulch. The boxes will act as an insulation causing the temperature to rise high enough that the weeds will not survive.

No garden? No problem, save those extra boxes for gift wrapping down the road or let your kids’ imagination run wild. The creativity of children is like no other and in reality, what looks like a box to you, can look like a racecar or castle to them.

If all else fails, just recycle the boxes or give them away. Someone, somewhere is always in need of an extra box.

Packing Paper/Bubble Wrap

During the winter time bubble wrap can act as some extra insulation on windows or around pipes to lock in heat and prevent freezing. Although if you not worried about the cold, who doesn’t like some stress relief? Start popping those bubbles.

With packing paper, it’s simple. Just get creative with some arts and crafts without having to go to the store. Use it as sewing paper or an alternative to pattern paper.

Many things can be done with your moving supplies. Just get creative and if all else fails, recycling is always a good alternative.

If you have any questions on how to reuse moving supplies, are looking for more moving tips or a Denver moving company, visit our blog or call us at 303-329-3217.

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