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Iconic Denver Coffee Brand Moves to Luna Gourmet

If there is one thing that coffee lovers need to know when moving to Denver, it is that Denver is home to iconic coffee brand Boyer’s Coffee. It may be a slight understatement to say that everyone in Denver knows the brand and uses it as their coffee of choice. Now, locals can find their favorite coffee brand at Luna Gourmet Coffee & Tea Company.

Luna Gourmet Coffee & Tea Company has recently acquired the Boyer’s Coffee Brand, buildings, assets and land.

Jason and Douglass Barrow are the owners of Luna Gourmet, and they describe Boyer’s Coffee as “a slice of Americana, in terms of what coffee is. They were roasting coffee there in the early ‘70s. And, before that, Bill was roasting out of his garage.” As for Boyer’s Coffee being American coffee at its finest, Denver movers would have to agree.

The Bill that they refer to is Bill Boyer, of course. Bill Boyer worked hard to carefully safeguard the secret to his coffee beans and roasting process, and the Boyer brand is celebrating over 50 years of being a coffee tradition in the heart of Denver.

After your move to Denver, you can find Boyer’s Coffee at Taco John’s, King Soopers, City Market, Safeway, Sam’s Club and Walmart.

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