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Inventory Rising in Denver

On the heels of a real estate boom in Denver, one thing is certain: new inventory needs to be available to keep the momentum going. Considering demand in Denver is remarkably high (as one of two cities with prices exceeding pre-recession numbers), new inventory is needed to meet the demands of prospective buyers who are finally comfortable to go out and buy again. Here at the Aurora movers, we have found that the Denver market is at a sort of equilibrium state, The number of homes for sale rose 9% over August 2012, and buying opportunities that had almost dried up completely are giving way to new developments and new homes for prospective—and eager—buyers.

The Denver metro market has found that new choices for interested buyers will help people utilize the still-low interest rates, leave room for price negotiations, and also offer the ability to shop around and find a home that is truly a good fit. Denver is, to many, one of the top markets in the nation right now. The economy is improving, home sales are rising, the real estate market is recovering tenfold, and it is only a matter of time before the area becomes extremely pricy for investors to build new developments. If you are looking to develop residential space in Denver, now is the time.

The median price for a Denver home in August was $315,000.

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