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Major Denver Companies are Moving Downtown

Major Denver companies are ditching the suburbs and moving downtown due to the presence of millennials. The operation to make downtown Denver more appealing to millennials by creating more walkable areas and urban-centric places is making the companies flock as well. At least, a new study indicates that this is so.

The study is from Smart Growth America and is called “Core Values: Why American Companies are Moving Downtown.” It reports that hundreds of American companies are moving to downtown Denver to be closer to the fresh minds of millennials and downtown neighborhoods.

“Some of today’s most innovative companies are part of this emerging trend, choosing to move to, invest in, or expand in America’s walkable, urban downtowns,” the report says. “These companies clearly see a competitive advantage to locating in neighborhoods with a mix of offices, restaurants and shops, with a variety of housing options close by and accessible by a range of transportation choices.”

Of the 500 companies and hundreds of staff members that were surveyed, many explained that the advantages to moving their business out of the suburbs and into downtown Denver, include the following:

  • Being close to the availability of talented workers
  • Being able to attract workers
  • Creative collaboration
  • The ability to be closer to their partners

Denver moving companies like All My Sons Moving & Storage are excited to move more companies downtown and hope that the millennials will flock there as well.

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