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Metro Caring Hunger Relief Center Opens New Facility

This past month, the Metro Caring Hunger Relief Center opened a new facility that has three times the amount of space as the original one.

Not only does this give members of the Denver community the opportunity to get food when they cannot provide for themselves or their families, but it also means that those that have been waiting for a chance to visit the center finally have a spot to claim.

One visitor to the Center, Dorothy Garcia, confided that, “I couldn’t get in at the old building because it was too crowded. This time it’s really a snap.”

The Metro Caring Hunger Relief Center operates by providing a place where families deprived of food – and with no ability to provide any – can shop in the market once a month – for free. But the center does not stop its amenities there, because they also provide services such as gardening classes, nutritional tips, and financial help for up to $1,000 on delinquent cell phone and energy bills. Not many cities other than Denver, offer such immense help to families in need.

The waiting list to shop at the Center has always been extensive, and program director, Ryan Galanaugh, muses that it is because, “the great thing about this shopping model is we’re trying to replicate what we see at Trader Joe’s or Whole Foods. At food banks, you tend to get a prepackaged box. This is a more dignified experience.”

Needless to say, he also expressed that the community can expect an influx of people packing and moving to Denver in order to have easier access to the Center.

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