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Metro Denver Sees another Month of Record High Prices

The Denver real estate market is hot, hot, hot—and prices for homes in the area are reflective of that. According to S&P/Case-Shiller Home Prices Index, Denver area home prices reached an all time high in June. Denver home prices were up 9.4 percent over June 2012, marking the 18th consecutive month of price gains for homes on the real estate market. In May, Denver was also making record high strides in home prices, and that was the highest level prices had seen since August 2006. The Denver local movers have also found that the year over year price for homes in the Denver metro has risen 9 percent or more every month through June, solidifying that 2013 has been a powerful year for Denver real estate.

So how does Denver compare to the rest of the nation? Nationwide, home prices rose 12.1 percent in June over the same month in 2012. 20 large metros in the country were tracked to find this data. The greatest year over year gains were in Las Vegas (almost 25%), The smallest gains were in New York (3.3 percent) and Cleveland (3.5 percent). Home prices in Denver rose 1.7 percent from May to June 2013.

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