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Molly Brown House Flapper Christmas

By any standard Margaret Tobin was a hero. Anyone who has seen the blockbuster movie Titanic will remember the “Unsinkable” Molly Brown. Margaret “Molly” Tobin was born in Hannibal Missouri on July 18, 1867 to a poor family, and dreamed of a better life. Molly always had a big heart. Though she had planned to marry a rich man, she was smitten with JJ Miller, the son of poor Irish immigrants, and married for love. JJ went on to attain great wealth in the mining business and Molly’s childhood dream came true.

Molly cared for others. With the time and riches of a millionaire’s wife she invested her heart and soul in helping others. She ran a soup kitchen for the families of the miners whose work made her rich. Molly was instrumental in forming the first juvenile court in the U.S. and worked tirelessly on behalf he poor in her adopted home of Denver. But Molly’s heroism and care for others is best exemplified by actions during the sinking of the Titanic. Though she could have escaped the doomed ship early with the rich patrons of 1st class, or with the poor women and children in steerage she refused to board a lifeboat, helping others instead. When she was finally forced to board a lifeboat she took up an oar with the men and even fought the ship’s quartermaster over whether they should try to rescue others trapped in the frigid water.

The Molly Brown House Museum is a memorial to this icon of the Mile High City. The Victorian style mansion On Pennsylvania St. was purchased by the Browns in 1894 and was Molly’s home until her death in 1932. This year the museum will have a number of great events, but Thirsty Thursday – A Flapper Christmas is probably the most unique

“A historic twist on young professional events, Thirsty Thursday will dive into topics too taboo for conversations in daylight. Perfect for fashionistas and nerds alike! Kick off the holiday season in the true Flapper style. Dance the night away in an “undercover” speakeasy. You will receive a password that will allow you entry to this underground party. Discover the history of the Flapper, listen to some great 20s music, learn the Charleston, and see what helped to make the 1920s roaring. Enjoy drinks from Gold Moon Distillery and munch on some historic treats of the era. This event is recommended for 21-40 year old young professionals.most unique.”

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Images courtesy of the Molly Brown House Museum

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