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More Sugar Coming Soon to Denver

The Denver community has a reason to celebrate – the Western Sugar Cooperative has decided to expand the amount of plants that they have, which will create more jobs.

Cutting down on the amount of plants that they currently have in Wyoming, the Denver-based company has announced plans to greatly increase the amount of production capacity in its home state of Colorado. Currently, the Sugar Cooperative has 1,000 growers throughout Colorado, Wyoming, Nebraska and Montana – so while it is not the best news for the economy of the other states, it will do wonders for the working environment in Denver.

Not only that, but a recent improvement in more advanced technology and a better quality of technology will help cut down on the amount of energy used tremendously. They can do all of this without having to sacrifice the overall amount of sugar produced.

Co-op director of shareholder relations and governmental affairs, Kent Wimmer, confirmed that there would be no more growth regarding the Nebraska plants. However, the Wyoming plants stand to lose up to 70 positions, which means that there will only be a mere six plants left in the state. They plan on making the position reductions after sugar production is completed next year.

The announcement of the increase in plants to Denver will not only provide more jobs to the community, but it will also mean that an influx of new grower-owners will be packing and moving to Denver.

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