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Moving Hacks for Girls

Before you allow the task of moving to bring stress upon your life, there are plenty of way in which you can avoid doing so. Fortunately, All My Sons Moving & Storage, the top Aurora moving company, has some moving hacks for you to try during your next move. In this segment, we highlight moving hacks for girls and women.

-Slide clothes on hangers directly into garbage bags so you can just hang them up and rip the garbage bag off.

-Use empty toilet paper rolls to organize your cords and wires. You can wrap up each cord and stuff it inside the roll.

-Cut some handles into the sides of cardboard boxes for easy lifting. All you need to do is cut a small rectangle on the side, big enough for you, or the movers at your Aurora moving company to fit their hands into.

-Remove dents in the carpet with ice cubes. Simply place the ice cubes on the dents, let them melt, and use a spoon to help lift the fibers.

-Get the makeup stains out of the carpet with 1 part peroxide and 2 parts water. Add some lemon essential oil, shake gently, spray the area, and set for one minute. Scrub it off and the stain should be gone!

-To avoid getting locked out of the house, or for easy entering, the Aurora moving company says to string a rubber band around one door knob, cross it over and wrap it around the door knob on the other side to keep the door from latching and locking when it hinges in place.

-Put jewelry in egg cartons to keep necklaces and bracelets from knotting and tangling.

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