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Moving to Denver this February? Watch for Rain and Snow!

If you are moving to Denver this February, local moving companies and meteorologists urge you to watch out for rain and snow.

Up to two inches of snow are predicted for the end of February, making moving to the area either extremely difficult or delayed. If you already have your moving date set, and you hired All My Sons Moving & Storage Denver movers to help you move, your move may be delayed or take longer to complete due to the inclement weather. However, our Denver movers are experts and many are Denver natives who are completely equipped to handle moving during the inclement weather if need be.

Expect temperatures this month to range from the high 40s and drop to the low 20s. If you are moving to Denver this February, be sure to pack a bag of clothes for the week of your move and make sure that they are weather appropriate.

Denver movers recommend having the heat turned on prior to your move-on date so that your current and new residence stays warm while moving out and moving in. You should also make sure that you and your movers are closing the front door each time you enter and exit, so that the heat stays inside.

Since it may be raining or snowing while moving to Denver this February, take extra precaution from snow sludge and line your driveway and walkway with salt to prevent slipping; you can also line your home with extra cardboard boxes to prevent slipping inside your home, as well as maintain cleanliness from the snow sludge being tracked inside.

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