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Parks and Wildlife Warn Residents to Beware of Deer

If you are moving to Denver this holiday season, your local moving company wants you to make sure that you be mindful of Colorado deer when decorating your home for Christmas.

In November, a large mule-deer buck got stuck in the ropes of the batting cage at Durango High School and its antlers had to be cut off in order to set it loose. Parks and Wildlife wants to warn residents that although these situations may not be completely avoidable, homeowners should take the necessary precautions so that your family and deer are not harmed in the event that a deer gets tangled in anything on your property.

Earlier this month, Colorado Parks and Wildlife department warned residents that the winter brings especially dark nights, making deer distracted by the bright lights of Christmas. The department released a written warning that stated, “Residents are also asked to be careful how outdoor Christmas decorations are hung.”

December is mating season for the big bucks of Colorado and every year, residents from all over the state have to get large deer unstuck from Christmas decorations of all kinds.

If you are new resident in Denver, make sure that you do not put out too many inflatable decorations, lawn decorations, and low hanging lights when decorating for Christmas. If you are going to put up Christmas lights, Parks and Wildlife asks that you follow these simple instructions: “lights should be attached firmly to structures, or strung at least eight feet off the ground. Do not drape lights loosely on top of shrubbery or wrap lights around tree trunks.”

Aside from Christmas decorations, each year you should make sure that you put away any basketball hoops, volleyball nets, trampolines, low-hanging wires, swing sets, lawn equipment, outdoor toys, and even plastic fencing.

It may sound tedious to do every winter, but local moving companies, in cooperation with Parks and Wildlife want you and your family, as well as Colorado deer to stay safe during winter.

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