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Powerball Jackpot Reaches $500M

The Colorado Powerball has reached a whopping $500 million due to high ticket sales across the state. It has been two months since someone has won the statewide jackpot, growing from $40 million.

Despite the fact that only 1 in 175 million people win the Powerball, it is fascinating how many continuously purchase tickets for the very slight chance. In fact, Powerball revenue has taken a slight downward turn, but the large of amount of this particular Powerball has caused ticket sales to surge.

The February Colorado Powerball winning numbers will be announced Wednesday, February 11, so if you have recently moved to Colorado, local moving companies suggest that you run to your local gas station or convenience store and purchase your tickets…it could cover what that new house costs and give you plenty of money to decorate your new home with.

Although the Powerball has been around for quite some time and practically everyone is aware of when it is occurring, the jackpot does not reach this high of an amount all the time, so if you usually don’t play, this time you definitely should give it a shot.

This February’s drawing is the highest it has been since May 2013 when a woman in Zephyrhills, Florida won $590.5 million, the largest Powerball jackpot EVER.

If you want to win the second highest Powerball jackpot to date, do yourself and your family a favor and buy a ticket!

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