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Prepare Your Items for Your Denver Move

Your possessions are valuable so before your Denver movers arrive consider the following:

  • Don’t put irreplaceables on the moving truck. Have an important family heirloom or rare collector’s item that you cannot replace? Don’t put it on the truck. Many moving companies prohibit this, and, in any case, it’s wise to keep such items with you so that you can ensure their safety.
  • Label your boxes. Have a fragile item? Transporting sensitive electronic equipment? Label your boxes “Fragile” on all visible surfaces of the box. If certain items must be kept upright, label which side ought to be up so that your Denver movers can protect your goods.
  • Pack well. Don’t pack haphazardly. Pad fragile items carefully and don’t store incompatible items in the same box. In fact, if you can, consider having your goods packed professionally by your Denver moving company.
  • Pack room by room. In addition to padding your important items, it helps to pack room by room. That way, when the boxes are delivered, it’s easier to know where the boxes ought to be placed. It also makes it easier to unpack, as each box has been situated where it needs to be in your new home.
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