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How to Protect your Floor during a Move

When moving in to your new home, your floors can get absolutely destroyed if the proper steps are not taken to provide them with some type of protection. Protection from what? Muddy shoe prints, the daily mishaps from pets knocking things over, or nails scratching the flooring. Not to mention the furniture that’ll be sliding all over those floors on moving day.

Here are some quick tips to ensure the quality of your floors stay intact when moving day arrives.

Clean your floors before moving anything in.

Carpet, hardwood flooring, tile, and vinyl all have specific cleaning agents to protect and preserve the flooring to extend its life. These products should be included when you are purchasing packing products.

When moving your furniture, do not place your couch and other fittings on a dirty floor. You will end up cleaning around the dirt and when you decide to switch up the living room that grime will have set and left behind stains/discoloration.

Essentially, your flooring can get ruined in one spot and then the entire floor needs to be replaced.

Prepare for Heavy Traffic

It’s moving day, so there will be a ton of movement from outside to inside and vice versa. Be prepared for this.

After cleaning your floors, use old carpeting as a safety net for any incoming traffic.

If you have enough people, determine inside people and outside people as an extra precaution.

Furniture can be heavy. Place non-slip plastic down to not only protect your floor during a move but to prevent any accidents which may occur.

If you want to go the extra mile. You can provide shoe covers for anyone coming in the house.

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If furniture is not moved correctly it can scratch, crack, and destroy your flooring.

Remember to not drag. There are floor pads/sliders for heavy furniture that cannot be lifted and moved around.

Protecting your floor during a move is not the only asset that needs protection. The furniture itself can be damaged. Use moving blankets to avoid scratching and scuffing your furniture.

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